Honour Board

Raiders Netball Club is proud of their players and members' achievements both on and off the court. Every year, players and club members are awarded for their outstanding skills, commitment, and service to the Club.

2017 Senior Awards

2017 Representative Players

Steve Curr (Men's Open)
Kaitlin Pollard (Tier 1 Wildcats)
Sam Hurst (Tier 1 Wildcats)
Lily Gray (Tier 2 Lions)
Hannah Beaton (Tier 2 Lions)
Charlotte Andrews (Tier 2 Lions)
Lilly Fuller (Queensland Premier League)
Rhiannon Jones (Queensland Premier League)

Suzanne Wilson Memorial Award
Lilly Gray

Raeann Shields Award for Club Spirit
Libby Ryan

Most Outstanding Player Senior Player
Lilly Fuller

Senior Team of the Year
Senior Div 1

Senior Coach of the Year
Maddie Herrod

Senior Umpire of the Year
Sophie Challenor

Highest Overall Shooting Percentage
Team 7

5-Year Raiders Club Awards
Lucy Boyle
Lilly Hooper
Katherine McDonald
Hannah Stringer

Raiders 1 (A Grade)
Most Consistent: Claudia Gray
Coach's Award: Charlotte Andrews
Player's Player: Charlotte Andrews

Raiders 2 (A Reserve)
Most Consistent: Harriet White
Coach's Award: Alice Aboud

Raiders 3 (Seniors)
Most Consistent: Georgia Staal
Coach's Award: Tara Smith

Raiders 4 TBC

Raiders 5 (16-18's)
Most Consistent: Talitha Cox
Coach's Award: Danielle Spencer

Raiders 6 (16-18's)
Most Consistent: Chloe Paterson
Coach's Award: Margot Clarke

Raiders 7 (14/15's)
Most Consistent: Ellie Herrod
Coach's Award: Lucy Boyle

Raiders 8 (14/15's)
Most Consistent: Belinda McGrath
Coach's Award: Lucy Ochre

2017 Junior Awards

Junior Most Promising Player
Zoe Watson

Junior Team of the Year
Team 14

Junior Coach of the Year
Lilly Fuller

Junior Umpire of the Year
Amy Challenor

5-Year Raiders Club Award
Laura Penning
Olivia Shoesmith
Zoe Watson
Gemma Zaicek
Hannah Pettigrew
Tia Pohio
Marnie Garate
Hannah Donaldson

Raiders 9 (13's)
Most Consistent: Tia Pohio
Coach's Award: Camille Derrick

Raiders 10 (13's)
Most Consistent: Giselle Graham
Coach's Award: Amy Challenor

Raiders 11 (12's)
Most Consistent: Ella Kreutzer
Coach's Award: Mieke Ochre

Raiders 12 (12's)
Most Consistent: Nicole Hainen
Coach's Award: Abby Dunn

Raiders 13 (11's)
Most Consistent: Zoe Watson
Coach's Award: Amy Fenner

Raiders 14 (11's)
Most Consistent: Eleanor Wild
Coach's Award: Hasara Ekanayake

Raiders 15 (10's)
Most Consistent: Miranda Wild
Coach's Award: Catherine Gibson

Raiders 16 (10's)
Most Consistent: Kira Peach
Coach's Award: Julia Remington

Raiders 17 (9's)
Most Consistent: Kiara Heyen
Coach's Award: Mariah Meurant

Raiders 18 TBC

Raiders 19 (Bilbies)
Most Consistent: Evee McWilliam
Coach's Award: Annika Turley

Raiders 20 (Possums)
Most Consistent: Jessica Watson
Coach's Award: Bridget Truelock